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11th JUNE Function

annual get together

Dear Friends,
Reunions are magic mirrors; you look into those and suddenly become younger by many years. As Bob Hope says, when we recall the past, we find that it is the simplest things, not the great occasions that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness. In last two years we have seen the need of coming together, especially to rekindle old friendships.
Since its inception in the year 2002, your own MLDC Alumni Association has been focusing on bringing back those happy and glorious days of your lives which still linger on in the precincts of our beloved M.L.Dahanukar College. For the said purpose, we have been arranging an Annual Get Together where all ex-students of the College, whether members of the Alumni Association or not, are warmly welcomed. The pandemic which for last two years has been playing havoc in the lives of us all, and the severe government restrictions imposed to curb the pandemic, prevented us from organizing this exciting event in the years 2020 and 2021 but now that the pandemic seems to have been reined, the Managing Committee of the Alumni Association very happily decided to commence holding of the Annual Get-togethers. So we are here yet again with a golden opportunity to visit the college, meet some old friends while making new friends too and have fun. Yes, the annual Get Together of MLDC Alumni association has been scheduled on Saturday, June 11th 2022 at 6.00 PM at Keshavrao Ghaisas Auditorium, P T V A ‘Institute of Management, behind M L Dahanukar College, Vileparle(east), Mumbai 400 057.
Dahanukarites make us proud from time to time, in various fields. This year we would be clapping for the following ex-students who held the flag of M.L.Dahanukar college high in their respective fields:
1. Rajeev Joshi -1975 pass out. Dramatist, writer, Economist.
2. Udayraj Chavan – 1991 pass out. – Social worker, Jt. Dist. Registrar, Mumbai City.
3. Akash Samanta – 2014 pass out. Indian Army – Lieutenant
4. Sandhya Kudtarkar -1978 - pass out. Vice President of Legal Services in Tata Teleservices, also Board Member of few Tata Group companies.
5. Bharat Balvalli – 2009 pass out - Renowned classical/neo -classical singer. Felicitated by Hon Jadguru Shankaryachya, as “Swaradheesh”.
6. Prathmesh Parab – 2014 pass out - Renowned theatre & Cine artist.

We would also be encouraging a few promising current students of the college, who will surely be carrying the MLDC torch forward.
To keep you entertained, we have invited “MUSIC 18”, a group that plays old melodious songs on Mouth Organ.
As usual, a tasty and sumptuous dinner will be there for all attendees. And to top it all, the Managing Committee has decided to charge a bare minimum registration fees of Rs. 100/- for the members of the Alumni Association and of Rs. 250/- for all others who will be attending the event. Please however note that with a view to facilitate smooth organization of the event, prior registration of the ex-students attending the event will be highly appreciated and hence we request you all to kindly pre-register your name for this event by paying in advance the registration fees as above.
With all this, friends, we look forward eagerly to meet you and create once again some beautiful memories, because memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.
For more details, & registration please contact any of the following: -
• CS Swapnil Shenvi 9987094858 Mrs Juilee Shende 9920413982
• Shri Anil Hardikar 9819421858 Mrs Charulata Joshi 9920215080
With warm regards,
Vinay Jog Ravindra Dhavale Chairman Secretary
9820043109 ssssss 9920572974